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I've moved! My new address is:
PO Box 12323, Albuquerque NM 87195-2323
Tel: 505-877-1713

My email address is unchanged

Hello, I am Kathleen Fasanella and probably best known as the author of
The Entrepreneur's Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing. In the event you
reached this site hoping to purchase the book or other items/services
related to my professional life, you can access my work-related site at
Designer-Entrepreneurs.com. From there you can find the orders page
from the main menu. And if you're one who's been waiting for it, my video,
Patternmaking for Professionals has been released on DVD and you can
read about it there. Similarly you'll find sample book chapters, forms to
use in your business and an extensive FAQ that may assist you. Also, be
sure to submit questions for the FAQ if you don't see what you need. If you
want to be on my mailing list be sure to go to the registration page from the
main menu.

Although there is a lot of cross-over between my work and personal life, I'd
prefer to restrict this site to non-commercial and personal interests that
aren't appropriate on my work site.  Here I can discuss a myriad of topics
that aren't professionally appropriate (read: offend the industry's
powers-that-be) which I am well known to do and usually without restraint.
Most of these topics are contained on my Projects page so be sure to see
that extensive site.  If you don't know it already, I'd never be accused of
being an apologist for the apparel industry and my frustration most likely
exceeds your own. Speaking of...

I'm an apparel industry pattern maker. As there is no licensing or
credentialing of pattern makers in the industry, no one can be described as
a "master pattern maker". Empirically, it's another story (usually to my
boundless dismay); I prefer to be known as a steward. By steward I mean
that I'm interested in all things related to pattern making. I collect the
information, create information and do my best to make the information
available in the interests of increasing professionalism of the trade.
However, this site won't be strictly limited to pattern making and you'll find
a myriad of personal and off-beat topics.

Wary now, for here there be tygers....
A long time ago, mapmakers of the planet didn't know the earth was
round. Along the edges of the limits of their maps (the boundary of what
they knew to map) were written the words "Here there be tygers", conveying
their fears of the unknown, assuming it was most assuredly terrible. Time
has shown that the maps of our planet are not terrible at all but endless
source of wonder, knowledge and understanding. In truth, the only tyger of
any truly dangerous consequence is one's own limitations and fears. As a
visitor to this site I say to you: Wary now, for here there be tygers. Slay
yours before proceeding further and you could find limitless horizons to a
world you never knew existed.

~~~~Nurture people, not products~~~~

This site was last revised July 26, 2004